BoardingOur boarding facility is unlike most traditional dog kennels, we offer dog boarding with a social play all day environment. Dogs are separated into outdoor play areas based on their size, temperament and play styles where they socialize and play all day. Our caring staff is dedicated to making your pets stay safe and fun while providing all the comforts of home. Our hospital also provides supervised observation for your pets when you are away or other wise unable to do so. We willing accept the serious responsibility involved in the care of your beloved pet.


  • Each pet must be current on the following vaccines.
  • Dogs – Rabies, Canine Distemper, Heartworm test, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Fecal test, and currently on flea and heartworm prevention. Most recently added Influenza H3N2 & H3N8 due to the outbreak is now in Florida! This is a 2 series vaccine and needs to be started prior to the Boarding stay.
  • Cats – Rabies, Feline Distemper, Feline Leukemia, fecal test, and have to be on flea and heartworm prevention.
  • We require proof of your pet’s current vaccines prior to reserving a room in our boarding resort or scheduling playtime appointment. It is imperative that your pet be in compliance so that we can maintain a flea and parasite free facility. We want all pets staying with us to stay as healthy as possible!
  • All pets will be checked for fleas and ticks and if necessary, will have to be treated immediately at the owner’s expense.
  • Any medications that your pet may be currently taking should be left with clear instructions.
  • You are welcome to leave any bedding, toys or other items that will make your pet feel at home. ***Please label all items/bags left with the pet’s name and the owner’s last name in permanent marker.
  • Pets are admitted into and discharged from the hospital during normal business hours only. Please allow at 15 minutes before dropping off or picking up.
  • Payment is due at check-in

About Us and Our Services:

  • We have professional, friendly caring Animal Care Technicians, staff and doctors that will provide professional assistance as necessary and appropriate. Should medical conditions arise in your absence, we will attempt to contact you before treatment, but will not delay or deny treatment if we are unable to contact you.
  • Our boarding facility offers climate-controlled indoor runs for dogs. All indoor runs have soft comfy blankets for your pet’s comfort.
  • We offer grooming, baths, nail trims and ear cleaning for your convenience.
  • We recommend bringing your own food so your pet feels more comfortable, with less chance of upset stomach. If you pet requires a special diet please bring enough for their stay, as we like to keep your pet as close to his/her regular diet as possible.
  • Dogs are taken outside to exercise several times daily (depending on weather) in an environment under constant supervision.
  • Doggie Day Time Play Time is offered for those pets that love playing with others. Does your dog need time to socialize and burn off that excess energy? Are you gone during the day and want to know that your pet is having fun with others? Daytime Playtime could be right for you and your pet. Convenient hours and prices to fit your budget, you can allow your pet the interaction they need during the day while you are gone. Pets that are boarding with us overnight are escorted back to their suites for a well deserved good night’s sleep. We are open from 7:30am-6:00pm to allow you to pick-up and drop-off before and after work.
  • We offer daily emails or phone calls with updates on your pet.
  • Our entire staff team love spending time with the boarders and often can be found playing with the boarders on their breaks.
  • A courtesy exam is give with a full report card that is provided at discharge with a doctor’s recommendations for your pet.
  • Our Play area is cage free supervised by a veterinarian and trained attendants. You can relax knowing that your pet is healthy and safe environment is controlled by individuals who have been trained to handle different personalities of multiple dogs.